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Victoria Schultz

Graphic Design

V.Schultz Studios was founded by Victoria Schultz with a clear vision: to create a world where individuals have the opportunity to develop a reliable visual language for their business ventures. Victoria's mission is to empower and support small businesses by providing them with captivating and engaging graphic strategies.

Victoria Schultz, with a BFA in General Fine Arts and experience working with small businesses, recognized the intersection of her passions for entrepreneurship and visual storytelling. Motivated by this realization, she established V.Schultz Studios at the end of 2022. Victoria takes immense pride in assisting individuals with their business endeavors and witnessing the profound impact of their collaborative efforts.

V.Schultz Studios was built on the values of fellowship and mutual growth. When working with clients, Victoria ensures a partnership that is beneficial for both parties. Whether it involves creating a new logo, refreshing a brand's identity, or overhauling a website, Victoria and her team at V.Schultz Studios are eager to bring clients' visions to life.

Victoria Schultz
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