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Marthica McDermott

Essential Oils

Marthica McDermott, a licensed massage therapist, discovered the importance of aromatherapy during her training. She learned that the skin, the body's largest organ, can absorb substances through the epidermis. This knowledge inspired her to create therapeutic massage oils and skin-friendly products.

Driven by a desire to provide high-quality, natural products, Marthica began experimenting with essential oils to nourish and moisturize the skin. Her expertise in aromatherapy, gained through years of training and research, ensures that every product she creates serves a specific therapeutic purpose.

In 2007, Marthica turned her passion for essential oils into a business. She handcrafts bath and body products using a blend of art and chemistry. Over time, her business grew, leading her to open a retail storefront in 2011.

Marthica remains committed to providing quality aromatherapy products at affordable prices, supported by her loyal customers. Her journey is a testament to her dedication to healthy skin and the joy of sharing her creations with others.

Marthica McDermott
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