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Linda Parks

Wood and metal

Upon moving to Norfolk, she found love for creating custom home furnishings grew with her introduction to 757 Makerspace in Norfolk and its creative community. Now, with ample space for projects and access to tools, she has a new nickname that’s related to the naming of her company. Yet, as much as Lx3 represents this, it’s also a nod to her siblings and herself: Lana, Laurel and Linda. Prior to this, she taught high school English until 2012. It was only in her free time that she’d tinkered around in the studio built on her property in the Northern Neck. Starting out small, she began assembling birdhouses, decorating them with a variety of bolts, tiny gears and other miscellaneous items which she found along the way. From there, she developed a love for making custom home decorations, now ranging from side tables to laser cut collage frames.

Elevating found pieces through hands-on techniques, she spend countless hours composing a new life for those objects that stumble into her studio.

Linda Parks
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