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Caroline Chen

Dream Haven Burmite Amber

Caroline was born and raised in Myanmar (Burma) and U.S became her second home 30 years ago. Because of the connection she feel for my birth place, she has been a passionate collecter of gems and minerals from Burma for 22 years. Among all precious the gems & mineral, Burmite Amber became her most favorite because it is her ‘happy’ stone. She bacame an advocate for sharing Burmite Amber in United States after the military coup in Myanmar closed down the country's borders, keeping artists and sellers from making a living.

For Caroline, Burmite Amber is a time capsule over 100 million years. It holds millions years of endurance, possibilities, knowledge and wisdom. It is a sensual & wearable fossil. It is her choice of stone for balance, happiness and empowerment.

Caroline Chen
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