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About this collection:

Are you a merperson in need of a stunning natural crown? Are you just seeking a spectacular head piece for a photoshoot or special occasion ? I would love to create something for you!


In 2022, I met a Merman who reignited my roots in couture jewelry and costume design.  From the start my journey as a creator began in the theater as a singer and performer. At SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)  I fell in love with creating elaborate jewelry adornments that accompanied the runway work of numerous fashion designers and featured in small films. It has been a privilege to work with professional mermaids and engage with the incredible mermaid community. From the “merpeople” documentary on Netfilx to my proud sponsorship of the Syren Symposium mermaid convention, my undersea adventures have only just begun! 


Please review the Crown Gallery to get an idea which crown style would be a fit for you or if you need to collaborate on something completely custom.