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Inspired by the story of a mother who lost her son to mental illness. She recognized her son’s spirit in the form of a dragonfly at their family lake house and has since seen the dragonfly as a personal symbol of courage and remembrance. In honor of her son and so many others who have lost loved ones to mental illness, K. Courage Designs has created the Dragonfly Collection in collaboration with The CHAS Foundation. A portion of the proceeds will go to The CHAS Foundation, working throughout the Hampton Roads area to promote mental wellness and to advocate for those effected by mental illness & their families. 

Metal smithing and creating artisan adornment is another body of work that displays skill in computer aid design and hand fabrication. All the work present on K.Courage designs was created by Kelsey Courage since the creation of her LLC in 2018. Each collection has a unique concept and subsequent photography collaborations that further illustrate the mood of each collection.

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